An Effective International Network

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As a result of our international approach to practice, and Masud & Company’s business-minded approach to serving our clients, we have developed an effective international network of law firms, investment bankers, trading companies, and others with whom we actively cooperate to advance the interests of our clients around the world. Masud & Company professionals have excellent credentials in international relations. The background of the principal of the firm includes over 25 years of international relations. His international experience and extensive travel has provided him with countless contacts and friends throughout the world. We have not participated in international law firm “clubs” or other formal affiliations, choosing instead to preserve our independence and work with appropriate co-counsel in each instance on a case-by-case basis.

Over the years, we have developed close effective working relationships with numerous law firms outside the United States, especially in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, where we are most active on behalf of our clients.