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Our Basis of Charging

Our basis of charging is designed to ensure that our fees represent value and maintain principles of fairness. It is based on several elements. A time-based charge, set at various rates according to experience and knowledge, reflects the time we commit to a matter. Some work we do is charged solely on this basis. Where the task is exceptionally urgent, the charge is increased to recognize the additional cost to us and value to our client.
Where our advice relates to a successful transaction of unusually high value or intricacy, we would normally expect to charge accordingly. If the transaction proves abortive we would expect to recover our basic charges. We can agree alternative arrangements individually with clients.
We do not expect to charge clients for learning costs in any field where the necessary skill lies within the ordinary range of our work. Where we work with our clients on projects in novel fields, we can agree for sharing theses costs.



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Recent Work

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