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The Firm’s Practice

Businesses, financiers and internet companies have asked us to work with them on issues which are of importance to them and to assist in their analysis and decision making.
We handle the shaping and implementation of the different forms of transactions involved in modern business, finance and the internet. We often have to resolve problems created by breakdowns in commercial transactions. We negotiate solutions in the most practical way using, where required, the techniques of litigation and arbitration. We grasp the commercial considerations which underlie the transactions and the problems our clients bring to us.
Our practice often times involves high-visibility, high stakes engagements. This work demands expertise in a wide range of substantive areas. To meet the needs of our clients, we draw upon the special expertise of our four practice sections—

Each of these sections has an international element. Brief descriptions of our four major practice areas appear on the following pages. Our principal areas of expertise are identified below.







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Recent Work

What we are working on at Masud & Company.

Masudco.comMasud & Company represents foreign investment firm in private equity firm formation.

Masudco.comMasud & Company represents internet company in asset based loan financing transaction.